That’s why Sabashi creates convenient foods that nourish your body with thoughtful ingredients and decadent flavors.


Sabashi exists to fill a gap on market shelves: delicious convenient foods that don’t take shortcuts with hard-to-digest ingredients like pea protein, inulin, or unsprouted beans.

Of course, everyone’s body is unique, and no one way of eating fits every situation. But we’ve found that the ingredients we use are much, much, better suited to our bodies than so many of the protein, snack, and nut bars in stores. Our wish is to truly serve our community through great food. We also offer all customers a 100% Service Guarantee - because you shouldn’t have to feel like ordering healthy food online is taking a risk.

Cheers to good health, The Sabashi Team

The original clean bean bar

Tap into the magic of sprouted Adzuki Beans

Adzuki Beans are a staple of the much-studied “blue zones” in Asia - the areas where there are the most people over 100 years old. 

They’ve been studied for many health benefits - and we love including them in our bars as part of a healthy diet!

  • 🤎 Easier to digest than other beans

    🤎 Packed with Antioxidants

    🤎 Reduced Inflammation

  • 🤎 Tied to a lower risk of heart disease

    🤎 May help lower risk of type 2 diabetes

    🤎 Makes you feel satisfied longer

Get the Benefits of Sprouted Adzuki Beans