The Vegan Bar Revolution: Sabashi Bars


Hey there, snack enthusiast! Ever found yourself on the quest for that perfect vegan bar – one that not only aligns with your ethical choices but also packs a punch in flavor and health? Well, I feel you! I was in such a situation a few years ago while facing my own challenges. That's why I embarked on a mission to create the vegan snack that I will reach for, and after many failed attempts, Sabashi Bars were born!


Picture this: a bar that's not just vegan but a delightful explosion of taste and goodness. Say goodbye to the struggle of choosing between deliciousness and health because Sabashi Bars are here to bridge that gap. Each bar is a concoction of natural, plant-based ingredients like sunflower seed butter, almond protein powder, chickpea flour, and mung bean protein, making it a powerhouse of nutrition.


Now, let's talk flavors – because who said healthy can't be delicious? The Chocolate Fennel variant is a sweet escape into richness with unsweetened chocolate chips and the warmth of ground fennel seed with a touch of anise. And if you're a fan of zesty freshness, the Lemon Blueberry flavor is a burst of sunshine with lemon oil and sweet blueberries. Both the bars have their sweetness rounded off by a touch of pure maple syrup.


But there's more to Sabashi Bars than just being a snack. They are a solution to the struggle we've all faced – finding a vegan bar that ticks all the boxes. Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and steering clear of GMOs, Sabashi Bars are crafted with your values in mind.


Join me on this journey of redefining vegan snacking – where Sabashi Bars make choosing ethical, healthy, and delicious, a piece of cake (or bar, in this case)!


Looking forward to bringing more delicious options for you in the future. If you have any questions, suggestions for bar flavors contact me at pswaroop@sabashifoods.com